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The subject of athletic regulation by the faculty has been referred back to the athletic committee of that body and we are now once more in doubt as to the final result. We think that, instead of waiting for something to turn up at which it is possible to strike, the students should themselves take the initiative. It is they who know best what they want, and if they wish the faculty to enact rules which they can heartily support, they ought to let that body know what these wants are. Some action should be taken, either by the athletic organizations, as heretofore, or a general discussion of the subject should be encouraged. We think that action by the executive committees of the athletic organizations would be the better way of accomplishing the desired end. They are selected for their knowledge of athletics, and are best fitted to discuss the subject, indeed, they would be the men who would chiefly carry on the discussion, if it were open. The latter method, a general discussion, would have some advantages, but it is open to the objection that it would take much longer to accomplish the same result, and would be much more apt to wander away from the main argument. But unless the students wish themselves placed in the same position as before, only to sit passively by while the faculty act, they must bestir themselves. We should be happy to take notice of any feasible plan which anyone may wish to propose to the college through our columns and will endeavor to further any plaus which may suggest remedies for the present chaotic state into which the subject of faculty supervision seems to have fallen just at present.