The Athletic Associations of Columbia college held a meeting Monday, at the suggestion of the faculty, to express an opinion upon the resolutions to govern college athletics that were drawn up by the committee composed of college faculties. The faculty of the college, it was stated, had not yet decided what action they would take upon the resolutions, inasmuch as Columbia College had no dormitories, and the faculty had no control over the students after instruction hours. The discussion last evening was informal, and the members objected to the resolution forbidding college men to row, etc., with amateurs. They also objected to the resolution appointing a committee from faculties of colleges to have full supervision and control of the sports, and also to the one that contests between colleges should not be played on neutral grounds. Finally, they passed a resolution stating that, while the athletic associations of Columbia college desired to raise the standard of college athletics, it thought that could be better attended to by the students themselves, and urged that the matter be referred to the undergraduates. A call was issued for a meeting of three delegates from each college, to be held at Columbia College on Saturday afternoon, March 22.