The withdrawal of Mr. M. H. Cushing, '83, from the Law School to enter the city force of the Boston Globe adds one more to the rapidly increasing list of recent graduates of Harvard who have taken up the profession of journalism. Mr. Cushing has been doing the Harvard work for the Globe during the past year and makes the sixth Harvard man on the Globe force, Hills, '80, Burton, '82, and Hooke, Heilbron and Sullivan of '83 being the others. Mr. Wingate, '83, of the Boston Journal, Bolles, L. S., and Fuller, '82, of the Advertiser, Chase, '82, of the Herald, Firman, '82, and Coolidge and J. B. Smith, '83, of the Springfield Republican, Holman, '82, of the Roxbury Advocate, Dillenback, '82, of the Boston Times and Yankee Blade, and Lummis, '81, of the Scioto Gazette are among the other journalists. Most of those enumerated were formerly on college papers. Cushing, Burton, Heilbron, Wingate, Bolles, Chase, Holman and Dillenback were all formerly editors of the Harvard Echo. Heilbron, Wingate, Chase and Coolidge are old editors of the Harvard Herald, while the Advocate claims Cushing and Firman, and the Crimson has but one representative, Fuller.