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We do not wish to keep continually finding fault with the freshmen, but at present a few words must be said. In our remembrance our attention has never before been called to any such lack of interest as has been shown by '87 in regard to its nine. The '87 football team did well, and the crew promises to do likewise. There is no reason why '87 should not have a good nine, but in the beginning the proper spirit is a very essential item. Captain Loud has proved himself an energetic captain; but he has not been backed up by his men. We were in hopes that the men who refused to sign the training paper would reconsider their action and return to work; but such has not been the case.

There are several men in '87 who have thus far not shown themselves and whose records last year on school nines almost warrant them positions. In the course of several weeks the candidates will be measured for the uniforms, and we trust that the men who have thus far hung back will come forward and settle down to steady work. The freshmen can not claim that no interest has been taken in them, for they are watched daily and advised by members of the 'Varsity nine. We have thus far found fault with '87's nine, but we wish to assure them that any change for the better will receive praise just as readily.