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Allen, '86, has left college.

Marks are out in Italian 2.

F. W. Smith, '86, is studying in Germany.

Burch, '83, is engaged in business in Vermont.

Professor Young gave a cut in History 9 on Saturday.

'85 won three events on Saturday, '87 two, '84 two, '86 one.

Both games with Dartmouth will be played in Cambridge.

Prof. Laughlin has been elected a member of the "Round Table" club.

Dartmouth will play but two games on her own grounds.

It is rumored that a prominent member of '84 is about to publish a novel.

The first championship game will be played with Brown in Cambridge.

The Amherst nine will make a change from hats to caps of the old style.

It is said that the Brown nine will adopt a cap in place of the hat worn last year.

Mr. Adams Crocker, '85, was elected president of the inter-collegiate baseball association.

Efforts will be made to obtain a suitable amateur coach for the nine for the rest of the year.

A Yale game in Cambridge on May 10th. Why would this not be a good date for the class races?