The list of entries for the meeting this afternoon gives promise of a meeting which shall equal that of last week in brilliancy. The programme will be commenced promptly at 2.30, and a notice printed elsewhere says that men must be on time or lose their chance to compete. Besides the contested event, the University crew of 1884 will give an exhibition pull on the hydraulic machines, just after the horizontal bar contest. The crew will row in the following order:

Bow. J. J. Storrow, '85.

2. F. S. Sawyer, L. S.

3. E. E. Hamlin, '86.

4. W. G. Borland, '86.

5. W. W. Mumford, '84.

6. S. I. Hudgens, '84.

7. E. A. S. Clarke, '84.

Stroke. R. P. Perkins, '84, captain.

The entries are as follows:

HORIZONTAL BAR.1. A. T. Dudley, '87 (white). 2. R. T. Osgood, '87 (red). 3. T. C. Bachelder, L. S. (blue).

Exhibition of rowing on the weights by the University crew of 1884.

RUNNING HIGH KICK.1. B. C. Henry, '86 (blue). 2. F. B. Fogg, '85 (red). 3. M. M. Kimball, '86 (white). 4. S. H Fessenden, '86 (black).

POLE VAULT.1. H. F. Mandell, '84 (red). 2. C. M. Field, '84 (blue). 3. P. R. Frothingham, '86 (white).

DOUBLE TRAPEZE.T. C. Bachelder, L. S. (blue). C. B. Davis, '84 (red).

ROPE CLIMBING.1. L. S. Foster. '85 (red). 2. E. E. Allen, '84 (white). 3. G. A. Pudor, '86 (blue).

RUNNING HIGH JUMP.1. F. B. Fogg, '85 (red). 2. C. H. Atkinson, '85 (black). 3. D. C. Clark, '86 (white). 4. T. C. Bachelder, L. S. (blue). 5. H. L. Clark, '87 (yellow).

FLYING RINGS.1. T. C. Bachelder. L. S. (blue). 2. J. B. Walker, '84 (red).

TUG OF WAR. (On Cleats.)Five minutes limit.'85. 1. R. F. Simes; 2. R. S. Gorham; 3. R. W. Boyden; (Anchor) C. F. Gilman.

'87. 1. R. J. Oglesby, S. S.; 2. E. S.

Litchfield; 3. F. Remington, S. S.; (Anchor) A. Cochran.

W. H. Goodwin, Jr. will be the special officer in charge, and the referee and judges are to be the same as on last Saturday.