The third annual meeting of the lacrosse men was held at the Astor House, New York, on Wednesday evening. Harvard, Yale, Princeton and New York University were represented. Harvard was to have been represented by Messrs. C. J. Reuter, '84, and Marquand, '85. As the latter did not appear, Mr. Reuter voted for him by proxy.

When the meeting was called to order, Mr. Reuter was placed in the chair and presided throughout the session. The first business was the protest made by Harvard against the decision in the Harvard-Yale game of last year. It will be remembered that by gross decisions of the umpires, both Yale men, the game was won by Yale by a score of 2 to 1. Our team has never allowed that it was a real defeat, and so appealed. The convention rushed all the business on account of limited time, and the protest was tabled. Among the little business transacted was a change in the rule relating to referees. It now stands that the referee, as in football, shall be either a student or graduate of a noncontesting college. The result of the championship series for 1883 was declared a tie between Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

This is contrary to precedent both in the football and lacrosse conventions heretofore. The schedule of games was not finally agreed upon, but the games with Yale and New York University will be played in Cambridge and our twelve will have to make a trip this year to Princeton. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: president, Mallon '85, of Yale; vice president, C. J. Reuter, '84, Harvard; secretary-treasurer, Poe, '84, of Princeton. Harvard's member of the executive committee is H. M. Williams, '85. The meeting then adjourned sine die.