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The tennis association has announced that only a few dollars are now left in the treasury, because of the money expended in marking out the courts. We trust that every one who has any interest in tennis will become a member of the association and pay the dues immediately. The association has changed, until now it affords every member a chance to play tennis at a merely nominal fee ; and we should remember that this state of affairs can only be kept up by each member paying his share. No one is shut out from playing now ; every one has a vital interest in the welfare of the association, for every one is part of the association. In former years trouble has been caused because certain men were arbitrarily given rights to courts, while the great mass of players could only avail themselves of courts when the so-called "owners" did not wish them. All this has been done away with, and there is now no reason why any one should refrain from joining on any such ground. We repeat that we earnestly hope the notice of the need of more money will be heeded by every one interested in tennis here at Harvard.