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Dr . E. R. Humphreys desires to state that he has a vacancy for one pupil at present, and that during the summer vacation he will be at home to read with students for freshmen and sophomore examinations in September, and will be assisted by a Harvard Honorman in modern languages. He will also then have rooms for two resident pupils. 129 West Chester Park, April 19.

Found-A bunch of keys; can be had at leavitt and Peirce's.

For sale.- A 50-inch, hal-nickel, 'Special Club" Bicycle, recently put in first-rate condition. Inquire at 35 Matthws Hall.

For sale-A 50-ich nickel-plated "Harvard" Bicycle, in good condition. Apply at 6 Matthews, or to Janitor.

Mr. H. L. Hurlbut, tailor, 125 Tremont street, has received his selection of spring woollens. Harvrd students are invited to make an examination.

For nobby stylish boots and shoes go to H. H. Tuttle and Co., they are the agents of the co-operative Society.

Tuotor in freshman Mathematics, especially Alegebra, by one who has had a four year's experience. Thos. C. Bachelder, '83.