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The weather during the recess did not permit of much improvement in the work of the nine. The game arranged for Fast Day was necessarily postponed, and therefore the game with the Tremonts this afternoon will open the season. Our nine has been very unfortunate in this respect as most of the other college nines have had considerable practice already, and several games have been played. In these games the college nines have all made a very favorable showing, so much so that there can be no doubt that the contest this year will be one of even greater interest than has been the case in the past. The college clubs are as a rule far better than those of last year, and all are determined to make a hard fight for the lead. The rules of our faculty necessarily do much to handicap the nine, and the lateness of the season is another drawback. In spite of these disadvantages we feel sure that our club will make a good showing, and hope that the students will do their share by encouraging the nine by their presence at the opening game this afternoon.