All notices published under this head except "Lost" and "Found" notices must be paid for before insertion.

I shall remain in Cambridge until Saturday night, and will tutor anyone who wishes to get up his Algebra. Charles T. Libby, 27 C.

Tutoring in all freshman courses, all History courses, Sophomore Rhetoric, English 8, Political Economy 1, and all subjects required for admission, by Robert Luce, A M., sub-master of the Waltham High School. Apply at 54 Weld.

For experienced tutor in Freshman German address, "G.," 26 Holyoke street.

Mr. H. L. Hurlbut, tailor, 125 Tremont street, has received his selection of spring woolens. Harvard students are invited to make an examination.

For nobly stylish boots and shoes go to H. H. Tuttle Co., they are the agents of the Co-operative Society.

Laundress-An experienced laundress wishes gentlemen's washing. Refers to Prof. James. Address: Mrs. Corcoran, Bennett St., off Mount Auburn St.

Lost-a brown plum colored overcoat bound with velvet and with velvet collar, brown lining; blue lining in arms. Information about the alive will be rewarded by Gardener M. Lane, 42 Quincy street.