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We regret that so few students were able to attend the talk on English reading, which the instructor in junior themes recently gave. There is undoubtedly a need of a few lectures on the subject of English reading, similar or supplementary to those given by Prof. Hill; and we feel sure the small attendance at this lecture must have been caused by ignorance or negligence on the part of the students. The lecturer intended to give a few informal talks or lectures on the importance of forming a taste for English reading, and the best method to be pursued in acquiring this taste, besides giving a sort of summary of the most prominent and most interesting English writers of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. As such a course would undoubtedly be both interesting and instructive, we hope the rest of the lectures will be given if possible. The time of the year is not as favorable for the success of a voluntary course of lectures as it would have been earlier in the season, but nevertheless, we think that if the gentleman decides to give another talk on the subject of English reading, a sufficient number of men will attend to recompense him for his trouble.