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A project has been started which, if successful, will go far towards removing what all must feel to be the greatest defect in college sports of late years-namely, that they afford exercise to so few of the students. The new project is the purchase by subscription of a large pitcher, to be contended for by the four classes on the Charles. It is proposed to have the pitcher very large, with surface enough to hold the record for a hundred years. The pitcher is to be awarded each year to the class which has in that year won the greatest number of races on the Charles, no student rowing in more than one race. Thus no class would be likely to win which had not trained ten or fifteen crews. A genuine competition for this pitcher, with half the college in training, would furnish the livliest feature of the college sports. Fortunately, lack of ground, which hampers the extension of the other sports, would not be felt here; the Charles is large enough for all.