The freshman nine will play Exeter, May 14th, at Exeter.

The work of sodding the new diamond on Holmes Field is nearly completed.

Several men are trying for the position of scorer for the freshman nine.

It is rumored that some of the present instructors will not teach at Harvard after this year.

Enough men to fill up the barge accompanied the freshman nine on their trip to Newton yesterday.

A special sale of new books will be made at the Co-operative store today, and on Monday.

Gen. Neal Dow, "the father of the Maine law," will speak in Tremont Temple tomorrow, at 3 o'clock.

The proposed inter-collegiate tennis tournament at Hartford, this spring, has been abandoned.

The Nation of this week contains a long account of the career of Mr. Theodore Roosevelt, '80.

It was proposed, at first, to give the Pudding Theatricals at the Bijou ; the plan was abandoned, however.

There will be an opportunity for the members of the Shooting Club to obtain practice at Watertown tomorrow. All wishing to go will take either the 9 or 9.30 car. In the afternoon, there will be rifle practice at Walnut Hill, leaving the Boston and Lowell station at 2.30.

The Advertiser says that the Harvard undergraduates are waking up to the fact that they have a good nine.

The work of the '84 board of the HERALD-CRIMSON stops today. A list of the retiring board will be printed Monday.

Bows of the colors of the different classes have been made up by Collins and Fairbanks for use on the day of the class races.

The freshman lacrosse twelve have received a challenge from the Cambridge Lacrosse Club to play a practice game next week.

The game with the Beacons this afternoon is likely to be hotly contested, as our nine will be in better trim than they were on Wednesday.

There will be an excursion to Quincy today, in N. H. 4. The train leaves the Old Colony at 1.15 P. M. The return train will leave Quincy at 5.20.

It is rumored that the Country Club intends to give a tennis tournament, in which representatives of Harvard and Yale will compete for the championship.

The Yale Phi Beta Kappa men from 85 were initiated on last Wednesday. Ex-president Woolsey of Yale College was present, and took part in the exercises.

The Shepard church will tomorrow receive a considerable increase in membership. Among the new members will be several persons who are connected with the college.

Forest and Stream will offer a $100 cup to be contested for by college shooting clubs next year. Now is the time for Yale to bring out all the old shooting irons and Queen's arms she can muster, as conservatism is sure to win. Modern rifles will be nowhere. [New Haven Union.

The Algebra examination for freshmen comes today, at 10 A. M. Freshmen and special students will find their books alphabetically arranged as follows :

Abbot to Endicott, Mass. 1.

Faulkner to Kuhn, Mass. 3.

Ladd to Sumner, Sev. 37.

Talbot to Zinkheisen, U. E. R.

All others will go to U. E. R.