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In reply to our correspondent of this morning, we can only say, that while we do not set ourselves up as a criterion of etiquette we feel competent to answer the question which he asks. To quiet the fears of nervous guardians and anxious mammas, we wish to make public a fact already generally well known, that the base-ball games at Harvard are held in the afternoon at an hour leaving plenty of time after the match to reach home after dark. It has always been a custom for students to invite ladies to these games, and we never noticed that many of them were of the chaperone class. The young ladies with their gay colors are a considerable attraction at all the great matches, and the students would be loath to see the day when they would be no longer able to bring them. As to chaperones, we can only repeat our former assertion that they are decidedly the exception, and not the rule, by any means.

It affords us great pleasure to be able to call the attention of the college to the fact that the Pierian Sodality will shortly give a 'solo' concert, assisted by Professor Paine. The strong desire of the students, and, indeed, of the residents of Cambridge, that Professor Paine should give an organ recital, has found frequent expression through our columns, and in this manner it will be partially gratified.

It is almost unnecessary to state that no society is more representative of Harvard, or more worthy of the support of every member of the university than the Pierian. Their concerts are always interesting and of a high degree of merit, and now that so favorable an opportunity to aid the society has been presented, we earnestly hope that everyone who can attend the concert will endeavor to do so.