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Only a few weeks ago the subject of "muckers in the yard" was touched upon in our editorial columns. The pleasant weather of the last few days and the consequent improved chances for tennis brings the matter more vividly to our attention. Not only do little 'shavers,' both white and black, beset anyone who carries a racquet in his hand from the moment he leaves his door until he commences to play, but burly youths of fifteen or sixteen seem to find the business profitable and come shambling into the college yard in hopes of getting a chance at "shacking." "Shackers" are a necessary evil to the easy enjoyment of tennis, but it does not seem necessary that they should be permitted to disturb the quiet of the yard. Why should not the old rule of last year, keeping them outside the gates, be enforced ? It would seem as if the endorsement of this rule would restrain this growing evil within bearable limits. The superintendent of the grounds ought to revive the rule and leave us at least one little spot free from the noisy clamors of the mucker.