the unpleasant weather did not prevent the usual number from assembling in Sanders Theatre last evening to hear the competitors for the Boylston Prizes for Declamation. The competitors were sixteen in number, of whom nine were seniors and seven juniors. The speaking was above the standard of the last few years and was conspicuous by the entire absence of Greek, which is scarcely a favorite in a competition of this kind. A considerable part of the audience waited after the close of the declamation for the announcement of the prizes, which was as follows : First prizes to John Parker Holmes, '84, and Samuel Atkins Eliot, '84 ; second prizes to Henry Elbert Barnes, 84', Bartow Bee Ramage, '84, and Irvah Lester Winter, '85. The award of prizes, as usual, seemed to be a surprize to everybody and hardly recompensed the audience for their patient waiting.