At five o'clock the classes will assemble in the yard. The graduates will assemble at the same time, 5.15. The juniors enter the enclosure two by two, followed by the sophomores, freshmen and graduates in order. Each class will keep to the left; the juniors walking around the tree and occupying the northwest corner, and as far as the second window in Holden Chapel. The sophomores will follow, leaving a space of three feet between them and the juniors, and will sit in the south-west corner; and towards the juniors the freshmen will sit next, leaving three feet between them and the sophomores along the south side to the south-east corner. The graduates will sit from the southeast corner towards the entrance. After the cheering the seniors will form two rings around the tree, the juniors two rings outside of them; the sophomores, two rings outside of the juniors, and the freshmen one ring outside of all. All classes will stand still in rings and will sing "Auld Lang Syne," while the band plays. As the seniors (both rings) begin to move very slowly to the left, the juniors will do the same to the right, the sophomores to the left, and the freshmen to the right. When the seniors break for the flowers, (i. e. when the hat is thrown at the tree, after moving around it twice) the singing and music will stop and the other classes may move more rapidly than before, but all should be careful to keep their lines intact and should try not to interfere in any way with any of the other lines. As every class will have its class day, all should try and co-operate as far as possible to make class day a success.

STUART WYETH,`Chairman C. D. C.