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The Dartmouth takes us to task for the prediction which we expressed a few weeks ago as to the result of the Dartmouth Harvard games. The remark was to the effect that to win the championship we must consider ourselves sure of the Dartmouth games. If these were lost, we should not have even a chance for the championship. To win, or even tie for first place both Dartmouth games would have to be won. "This position," says the Dartmouth, "appears slightly egotistical." We do not know exactly what definition the word "egotistical" may have at Dartmouth, but it is certainly different from the ordinary one, and we may add the one in vogue here. But, even if we had declared that we were sure of defeating Dartmouth in both her games, we doubt, in view of certain events which occurred on two days of last week, if our assertions could have been called egotistical. We certainly thought that we could defeat Dartmouth and events proved the correctness of our views. Dartmouth certainly had hard luck in some of her games and deserves a better position than the one she occupies in the intercollegiate baseball association. To term, however, an honest expression of opinion egotistical, and an opinion, which facts prove was perfectly true, sounds very much like a childish complaint. Can the defeats at the hands of Amherst and of Yale have ruffled the temper of the Dartmouth.