The Canoe Club will be photographed today.

A dog show has been opened at Leavitt and Peirce's

Mr. H. G. Perkins, '87, has been elected an editor of the CRIMSON.

Dr. A. P. Peabody conducted prayers in chapel, yesterday morning.

The year's themes in English 5 may be found on the table in Sever 2.

J. R. Yocum, '85. has been selected as substitute on the university crew.

The marks in History 2 will not be given out until the term reports.

The Bicycle Club will hold the last smoker of the year some time this week.

The examination in Political Economy 6 will be held Friday, June 13th, in U. 4.

Mr. Edgerly was not injured by the heavy fall he received in the bicycle races, Saturday.

It is probable that some members of the Canoe Club will soon go on a short cruise.

The report that Nichols, '86. is to pitch for a league nine this summer is without foundation.

The examination in Spanish 1 will include all of the "Gil Blas" which has been read this year.

The Bostons defeated the Philadelphia's yesterday by a score of 10 to 1, and the Provid nee club beat the New Yorks.

A delegation from the Harvard Canoe Club will attend the meeting of the American Canoe Association at the Thousand Isles this summer.

The Lampoon has accented the Challenge of the CRIMSON to play a game of base-ball. Winslow will probably pitch for the Lampoon nine.

There will be a make-up examination for men who were unable to take the regular examination in Classical Lectures, on Wednesday, June 18th, at 10 A. M., in U. E. R.

The senior class statistics of Brown show that after graduation 12 will teach; 10 study law; 7 medicine; 4 theology; 3 business; 4 various occupations, and 11 undecided.

At the tercentennial exercises at Emmanuel College in Cambridge, Eng. a statue of Rev. John. Harvard, the founder of this university, is to be unveiled.

At the concert of the Wesleyan Glee Club, yesterday evening, by far the best song was the Maid of Athens, solo and chorus. The yodels were not as good as we had hoped to hear.

The new memorial windows to Mr. Cornell, Mr. McGraw and Mr. Fiske have just been received and will be set up in the new memorial chapel of Cornell University before commencement.

The gentlemen appointed by the management to make arrangements for the entertainment of the Yale freshman nine and its supporters are J. S. Whistler, Gordon Dexter and Elisha Flagg.

The Yale nine yesterday had a narrow escape from defeat at the hands of Dartmouth. It took ten innings to decide which was the better nine, the score finally standing 11 to 10 in favor of Yale.

The freshmen lacrosse team will play the Somervills team this afternoon. This game will be watched with considerable interest by the students, as the freshman twelve is to play the Yale freshmen at New Haven, Saturday.