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No memories, perhaps, are more pleasant than those that cluster about one's college days. To us, however, this college life is a vivid reality; it has not yet slipped by and into the musty past. But something akin to the feelings of some graduate of the '60's must be those that many of us experience in looking back over the years spent at the training schools at which we fitted for college. Many a friendship formed at school still endures, now that we are in college, and bids fair to remain constant through life. No wonder, then, that our love for the schools from which we came is second only to that we have for our college, and that our interest in their welfare continues long after we have left them forever. A proof of this regard for one's training school is shown in the action of the St. Paul's alumni, who are to build a beautiful chapel for the use of the school. By means such as these our preparatory schools will become worthy adjuncts to our colleges, and, in time, will come to be like the great schools of England,-Eton, Rugby and Harrow.