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At a meeting of the corporation, and c. June 13, 1786.

Whereas the enjoining of an uniform colour, in clothing of the under-graduates, and prohibiting a certain snecies of materials in their apparel. will have a great tendency to lessen the expense of dress, [which, at present, constitutes too large a proportion of the collegiate charges], while, at the same time, the appearance will be more academical.

Voted, that it be recommended, that the freshmen who shall be admitted into the University the present year before the end of the summer vacation, be provided with coats of blue gray, being a mixture of deep blue and white wool, as nearly as may be, seven eighths of the blue, and one eighth of the white, or, if that cannot conveniently be obtained, of a dark blue colour, -and with waist-coats and breeches of the same colour.

That the freshmen who shall be admitted into the University in the year 1787 and afterwards shall be provided with coats of the colour first mentioned, and with waist-coats and breeches as last mentioned, and shall continue, provided with clothes of these specified colours while they remain under-graduates.

That all who shall hereafter be admitted, when they commence sophomores, shall have the addition of frogs to the button holes of their coats, the cuff of the sleeve to be plain.

That when they commence junior sophisters, their coats shall have the further addition of frogs on the button side, -continuing the plain cuff; and they shall also provide themselves with black gowns, having a close sleeve and slit cuff, to be made according to the direction of the corporation.

That, when they commence senior sophisters, they shall have the further addition of buttons and frogs to the cuff of their coat, and shall also have black gowns with a wide sleeve, -the mode to be determined by the corporation.

That, when they are admitted to the Bachelor's degree, they shall appear in like gown and clothes as are prescribed for the senior sophisters.

That the seniors and juniors, shall wear their black gowns on all public occasions, and whenever they shall publicly declaim in the chapel.

That no under-graduate to whom these injunctions may extend, be permitted to appear within the limits of the college, or town of Cambridge, in any other dress than is before described unless he has on a night gown or an outside garment be necessary over his coat.

That no part of the dress of the undergraduates be made of silk: and that it be recommended to them, to clothe themselves in home manufactures as far as may be.

That these regulations be extended to all who shall hereafter be admitted into the University; and that it be recommended to such as are already members, to conform thereto, upon principles of economy as far as may consist with their present supply of clothing.