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The need of a fund for a Divinity School library building is made more pressing than ever by the bequest of the late Dr. Ezra Abbot. The library for 4,000 volumes, which will thus come to the school, cannot be received until some fireproof building is provided. Such a building will also be very convenient for the storage of the present library of the school. Fifteen or twenty thousand dollars is considered a sufficient sum for a small library building, which could be erected in the vicinity of the school. This would be very convenient for the members of the school and would be thoroughly appreciated by those interested. Such a plan would not be dissimilar to that in operation at the Law School, where a fireproof library is contained in the building itself.

If the money cannot be raised, however, it might be well to have some portion of the library reserved for the exclusive use of Divinity students. Of course, this plan would not be nearly as useful as the other, and we sincerely hope that the fund desired may be obtained.

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