Note and Comment.


Following are three of the resolutions adopted by the Massachusetts Classical and High School Teachers Association which was in conference a few days ago:-

"Resolved, that this conference of college presidents, principals and teachers of preparatory schools earnestly appeal to the colleges for concerted action on their part in order to secure uniformity in requisition in all subjects, parts of subjects and authors, in which they have a common requirement.

Resolved, that this conference urge upon the colleges, a still closer agreement on their part as to the subjects to be sent for examination, the recommendations to be made to the colleges, and the nature and extent of the entrance examinations.

Resolved, that this conference urge upon the colleges, co-operation and comity, either in accepting each other's certificates of examination or in establishing a joint examining board whose duty it shall be to set papers, conduct examinations and issue certificates, which certificates shall be good at any college in the vicinity."