Lawn Tennis Association.

The drawings in the fall tournament as made on the Bagnal-Wild system are as follows:

Singles. First round. 1. W. B. Lord vs. R. W. Keep; 2. F. J. Reynolds vs. J. H. Bowen; 3. R. W. Frost vs. E. W. McClellan; 4. H. M. Sears vs. G. H. Brewer; 5. C. L. Mills vs. P. S. Sears; 6. H. Kuhn vs. B. Tilton; 7, W. W. Mackay vs. J. M. Hallowell; S. J. M. Newell vs. P. L. Sternbergh; 9. L. M. Keasbey vs. H. M. Federhen; 10. E. E. Hamlin vs. M. B. Clarke; 11. D. K. Snow vs. G. E. Howes; 12. F. J. Moors vs. T. H. Shepard; 13. G. W. Cram vs. R. H. Zerega. Byes - 14. W. D. Bancroft; 15. A. K. K. Mackay; 16. G. W. Lee.

2nd Round. I. (1 vs. 2); II. (3 vs 4); III. (5 vs. 6); IV. (7 vs. 8); V. (9 vs. 10); VI. (11 vs. 12); VII. (13 vs. 14); VII. (15 vs. 16).

3rd Round, a. (I vs. II); b, (III vs. IV); c. (V vs. VI); d. (VII vs VIII).

4th Round. A. (a vs. b); B. (c vs. d).

Final Round. A. vs. B.

Doubles. First Round. 1. Hamlin and Lee vs. Rogers and Frost; 2. Packard and Federhen vs. Keasbey and Paine; 3. Hopkins and Snow vs. Kuhn and Keep. Byes - 4. Brewer and Reynolds; 5. Sternbergh and Emery; 6. Bancroft and Hallowell; 7. Carey and Ellis; 8. P. S. Sears and H. M. Sears.

2nd Round. I. (1 vs. 2); II. (3 vs. 4); III. (5 vs. 6); IV. (7 vs. 8).

3rd Round. A. (I vs. II); B. (III vs. IV).

Final Round. A. vs. B.

Play will begin at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. sharp. Contestants will please be punctual as thereby they will prevent the loss of valuable time, and also will greatly assist the managers. Either the turf or clay courts may be used. The entrance fees may be paid at Bartlett's, or to the members of the executive-committee in charge at the grounds. Balls will be provided by the Association.