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We are surprised to learn that members of the lower classes are either blankly refusing to give up their rooms to seniors for use on next class-day, or are giving them up with a good deal of reluctance. Only freshmen have any excuse for not knowing that it is a time-honored custom for all lower classmen to yield their rooms to seniors for class-day, of all the days in the year, the seniors day; and, if nothing else, it is at least a courtesy for all others to give way to them at that time, and to try to make the day as pleasant and memorable to them as possible. Men who courteously yield their rooms to seniors this year, will be able, when they become seniors, to ask rooms for themselves with better consciences. Certain it is that, as seniors, they will have need of extra rooms for the entertainment of their friends and if now they help to keep up the old custom, they will find themselves later more likely to profit by it.