Fact and Rumor.

The Channing Church fair at Newton opens to-night.

Lacrosse is booming with '89. Thirty men are trying for the team.

Daniel Pratt lectured yesterday in his usual place at Memorial.

An anemometer, or wind measurer will be placed in the Jefferson Laboratory.

There will be an N. H. 4 excursion to Milton Hill to-day. Train leaves O. C. depot at 1.15 p.m.

Owing to the fine weather, the bicycle run to Malden yesterday was very enjoyable.

The proof sheets of the Advocate which appears to-morrow, show it to be one of the best that have appeared for some time.

The championship foot-ball game between '87 and '88 yesterday was postponed till to-day, on account of Mr. Holden's prior engagement.

New regulations of the faculty will be issued to-day, between 2 and 3 p.m. Everybody is expected to provide himself with copy.

An exhibition game between '88 and '87 yesterday resulted in 2 touch-downs to 1 in favor of '88. Mr. Peabody, '87, was unfortunately thrown and very badly shaken up; he will probably not play for a week. The game this afternoon will probably be postponed.

Technology defeated Tufts yesterday by the enormous score of 110 to 0, the largest on record this year. Holden played a tremendous game for the Techs.

The Lacrosse management expect that the Oelrichs cup will be here in a few days. It will be placed on exhibition when it arrives, and then placed in a safe-deposit for safe keeping.

The third sophomore theme is due to-day. The first theme is to be handed back copied, unless the writer has been otherwise instructed by Mr. Clymer. This theme must contain the writer's number instead of his name.

The programme of the quartet concert to-night will include the quartet in F major op. 59, No. 1, Beethoven, the "Emperor" variations, Haydn, a canzonetta, Mendelssohn, and a posthumous quartet in D minor, Schubert.

Two prizes of $30 and $20 have been offered by the trustees of Phillips Exeter Academy for essays on the intellectual and moral effects of athletic exercises, and on the games in ancient and modern times.

There was a good meeting of the N. H. Society last night in Mass. 2: a communication was read by Mr. R. P. Bigelow, L. S. S., and was very interesting. The number of interested outsiders who now attend these meetings is growing gratifyingly large.

The sad news was brought from the Country Club last evening that Mr. Frank Codman, '83, fell under his horse in the steeple chase, and was instantly killed. The horse belonged to an outsider and tripped on the fence, rolling completely over, and breaking its own neck. Mr. Codman leaves a large circle of sorrowing friends at the college, and his sudden death has cast a gloom over the entire college.

Mr. George Keyes, captain of the freshman crew, has been obliged to resign from his position on account of injuries received in the gymnasium. The following expression of regret has been received from candidates for the crew: "The candidates for the freshmen crew wish to express their hearty thanks to Mr. George Keyes for the manner in which he has so thoroughly and conscientiously fulfilled the duties of captain of the crew; and their sincere regret that he has been compelled to resign his position."

A new chapel to cost $250,000 is in process of erection at Lehigh University.