Exeter Defeats '89, 14 to 2.

The '89 eleven went up to Exeter Saturday afternoon, accompanied by only eight freshmen. In the first three quarters they out-played Exeter at every point, accepting all chances, and keeping their opponents within their twenty-five yard line most of the time. By compelling them to make a safety, at the end of the first three-quarters the score stood, Harvard freshman 2, Exeter 0.

In the beginning of the second three-quarters, the freshmen gained considerable ground, which they soon lost, and Exeter made three touch-downs and compelled '89 to make a safety. During the second three-quarters, McKean's nose was broken. Mr. Fisk, '86, was referee. The team was treated very courteously by Exeter. The following players made up their team: rushers, Bass, Fiske, Hansen, Horn, Cranston, Gotzain, Hooper; quarter back, Wurtenberg (capt.); half backs, Rice and Meara; full back, Morrison; substitute, Tracy.