EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON. - If the writer who signs himself "'88" will turn to 'Allibone's Dictionary of Authors' under the head of 'Shakespeare,' he will there find that the spelling 'Shakspere' has but six upholders, while the other has sixteen. Who is Mr. Davenport Adams, forsooth, that he should be taken as an authority over the second fohos, Ben Johnson, and a host of other commentators? So Mr. Adams would have us spell 'Shakespeare' in any way we choose? It is a question if Mr. Adams would care to have his name spelled in more than one way. There is a gentleman in Philadelphia who has amused himself by making out two thousand ways of spelling Shakespeare's name. Would it not be advisable for the "Shakespeare" Club to buy this little book select the most curious spelling and adopt it as their way of spelling the name, for have they not the sanction of Mr. Davenport Adams? I am quite certain they would find as much authority for so doing as for the way they have now.