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The catalogue is now published and on sale. While its more general features are the same as those of last year's catalogue, a few noticeable changes in its contents deserve attention. In addition to the facts stated in our review in another column, we note that some of the elective courses have been slightly changed and a few newly numbered. The Dante prize which has already been noticed, is one of the most marked additions of the new issue. But perhaps the most striking change is the large number of new names which appear in the lists of the upper classes. Many of the new men are graduates of other colleges. The aggregate number of students of the whole university is somewhat larger than that of last year, and evidences the growing influence of the university. The percentage of students from the West and South is much larger than that of previous years. The catalogue as a whole is, perhaps, better than the last; it certainly contains a more satisfactory resume of the work of the various departments of the university. The editors are to be congratulated upon the success of their work, and we hope that the future work of the college will be as satisfactory as it has been during the past year.