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The Princetonian calls for communications on the subject of cribbing and its correction. This is a subject in which the entire college press should unite. We join with the Princetonian and earnestly invite professors and students to increase the importance of the recent newspaper movement, by contributing to our columns. There should be a crusade, not only against cribbing, but against the entire marking system. The method used by Harvard is antiquated and wholly unsuited to the elective system. If all students elected the same subjects and were marked by the same professors, the injustice of the system would be greatly removed. It was for a prescribed curriculum that the marking system now in use was planned. There has been a change in the main system of study, but the old garments have been put upon the new comer without regard to style or fit.

The conference committee has taken the right stand. A special committee is corresponding with twenty four colleges on methods of examining and marking. Let us hope that their work will result at least in an agitation that will call general attention to reform.