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Another instance has just been brought to our notice where some member of the university has abused the privileges of the library by taking away one of the reserved books. This time the book is an important work reserved by one of the instructors in history for the use of a section numbering over two hundred men, and as it will be impossible to obtain a duplicate copy for several weeks at least, we may imagine what inconvenience will be suffered by two hundred men on account of the ungentlemanly action of one man. Such carelessness, if we speak charitably, or selfishness, if we give the right name, ought to meet with open reproof and penalty, and we regret that the offenders, who have on several occasions purloined books from the library, have not had their offence made known to the public. An absolute entailment of all library privileges for a long time would not be too heavy a punishment for their utter disregard, both of library rules and common courtesy.