Chamber Concert.

At the second chamber concert given by the Listemann quartet in Sever last evening, the following quartets made up the programme:

Beethoven. In E minor, Op. 59, No. 2.

Svendsen. In A minor, Op. 1 Andante and Scherzo.

Raff. In D minor, Op. 77.

The first movement of the Beethoven quartet was rendered rather roughly, but the Adagio and Presto were played with good interpretation. The Adagio was full of expression and depth, and the brilliant Presto was played with a good deal of fire. The Andante from the Svendsen quartet proved to be the most enjoyable number of the evening. The rendering of it brought out well its romance and passion. The charming Scherzo was at times unevenly played. In the Raff quartet the slow movement was the most successfully rendered. The concert as a whole was a very enjoyable one. The Listemann quartet as now constituted, contains the best players that are to be had. Its only weak point is the second violinist, whose tone is at times uncertain and harsh. Their playing is such as to deserve much larger audiences.