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We are sorry to have to mention that there are now quite a number of men in college who do not belong to the Co-operative Society, yet who do not scruple to purchase goods at the store in Dane Hall, and even go further and obtain the regular reduction from the affiliated tradesmen. In justice to these men to whom we refer, it must be said that there is no deliberate intention of circumventing the Co-op. In all the cases that have come to our notice, the men belonged to the society last year, but have not renewed their subscriptions. The year is now so far advanced that these men can no longer plead forgetfulness as an excuse. If they will stop and consider, they will see that their conduct, in the eyes of the college and the world at large, is remarkable, to say the least, and that the Co-op. will be justified in taking very stringent measures if the practice is not at once discontinued.