Note and Comment.


Dr. Peabody in the Cambridge Tribune pays the following tribute to the late John Langdon Sibley. "His whole life has been a sacrifice of himself. Trained in a frugal home, and for many years with straightened income, he first made use of enlarged means in relieving distress and want, and in helping students who were struggling under adverse circumstances. He practised the most rigid economy as to his own personal expenses, that he might enjoy the greater luxury of a generous giver. He repaid the aid that he received at Phillips Exeter Academy by funds which, with their accumulations, now amount to nearly forty thousand dollars. He has been the liberal benefactor of Bowdoin College and of numerous charitable associations. He has stood between many worthy persons in various conditions of life and utter want and despair, and has tided over hard passages in life not a few who feel indebted to him for ultimate success and prosperity. Nor has he been generous in money alone, but in personal service, in the hospitality of his house, and in gifts chosen with equal delicacy for the feelings and regard for the needs of the recipient. Indeed, the considerate courtesy which is an essential part of the true kindness marked his whole social intercourse, regardless as he was of some of the conventional forms that are often the expression of - perhaps as often the substitute for - heart-courtesy.

Those loved him most who knew him best, and they can hardly imagine that he could have ever lost a friend or made an enemy."