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The members of a certain course in our English department have just had their attention called, in a most striking manner, to one custom in college life which has become so common where it is not regarded as a perfectly legitimate practice, as to be looked upon as a very light offence. We refer to the habit of "cribbing." That a man should have so little sense of honor as to deliberately copy sentence after sentence from a book, or degrade another man by hiring him to write his theme, indicates a code of morals which is difficult to understand. At last a man has been detected in this practice, and it is said, has been expelled from the University. While it is far from the wishes of the CRIMSON to try in any way to palliate the offence, we must agree with a growing college sentiment, which says that such punishment is too severe for the crime committed. To impose the same penalty for this as attends the most flagrant offences against morality and the college discipline, seems a trifle unjust.