No Headline

The Yale News for Dec. 1 devotes by far the larger part of its first page to "clippings" from the Princetonian's report of the Yale Princeton game, and enlivens these clippings with characteristic comments. We reprint in another column one of the News' comments, and think that it will be enough to convey to Harvard readers the general feeling that just at present pervades the Yale mind. That the enthusiasm which the Princetonian naturally displayed in its report, should be extremely unpleasant to Yale readers, is hardly surprising. While we do not say that the Princetonian showed perfect taste in its report of the game, yet we feel that whatever poor taste it may have shown has now been more than surpassed by the News' display of ill-nature. However much Princeton men may be guilty of extravagant enthusiasm, the men of Yale are appearing to far greater disadvantage in showing their unwillingness to accept defeat gracefully.