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That extreme revolutionary phase of socialism known as "Nihilism" is to be the question for debate at the next meeting of the Harvard Union. The question is of especial interest to all students of America, for it is in the Russian universities which the hotbeds of nihilism are found. The students have been the most zealous and indefatigable of the workers in the movement, and consequently have been the objects of severe police surveillance. The sympathy which we, students in a free land, should feel towards fellow students in a land of despotic oppression, ought to be enough to excite great interest in the next debate of the Union. It is somewhat difficult to procure information bearing on the subject in a convenient form, but we should recommend the reading of any of Turgenieff's novels, more especially "Virgin Soil," as an excellent way to get a fair and at the same time sympathetic idea of the great movement now progressing in Russia. There is also a book entitled "Underground Russia," which is of inestimable value in giving one an idea of the inside workings of nihilism. It is written by a nihilist leader at present exiled in England, and is authoritative as an expression of revolutionary views.