Physical Training.

A large number of advocates of physical training from different colleges met in Brooklyn last week. Among those who attended the meeting were Professor Richards, of Yale; Dr. Sargent, of Harvard; the Rev. Dr. Hitchcock, of Amherst; William Blaikie, of New York; Professor Koehler, of West Point; Professor McIntyre, of Lafayette; Dr. Seaver, of Yale; and several others. The persons present listened to addresses upon matters relating to physical culture, and it was decided to form a permanent association. The name adopted was The Association for Advancement of Physical Education. The following officers were elected: president, Dr. Hitchcock; vice-presidents, Professors Richards and Sargent and Miss Putnam; secretary, W. G. Anderson; treasurer, J. D. Andrews; council, the president, vice-presidents, and William Blaikie and Professor McIntyre. A discussion was had regarding the essential relation of exercise and adequate physical training to good health. Among the speakers were A. Colbertson, formerly of the Columbia College gymnasium; W. G. Anderson, of the Adelphi Academy; Mr. Blaikie, author of "How to Get Strong and How to Stay So;" and Professor Koehler, of West Point. Steps were taken toward the establishment of a normal school for the training of teachers of Physical exercise - Cornell Sun.