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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON.-We wish to express our sympathy for yesterday's letter-writer; that ingenuous youth, who "cannot conceal his embarrassment when he hears his own blunders laughed at." We suppose the poor fellow cannot keep back the scalding drops that rise unbidden to his eyes each time the instructor dares to say his English is faulty. Poor fellow, we sympathize with you. We, too, have had pet themes sat upon, but we didn't have sense enough to make public our feelings on such occasions. Seriously, if the subject was so painful a one, why did the gentleman attempt a theme on it. Could his pent-up grief find no better outlet than in a 250 word theme in an examination book? And he not only writes a theme on the subject, but afterwards, in a fit of petty spite, bawls out his grief in a newspaper. We express no opinion as to the taste displayed, but we do hope that, after his sophomore year, he will regret this public attack on a deservedly popular instructor, where private redress, for his supposed wrong, might have been so readily obtained.