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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON.-Your editorial this morning, following in the wake of the Herald and Advertiser comments on the action of the Harvard club of Washington without any knowledge of the facts in the case. Please allow me, as a member of the club, to point out the important details that you have omitted.

Our club is not, in the least, an Alumni Association, i. e., a degree or any length of attendance in the university does not give a man a presumptive right to belong. The club is composed of Harvard men, limited to these, but a certain number of blackballs will exclude a candidate. There have been several black-balled before those colored men applied. The "ostensible reason" was caught up and flourished by newspaper men, but the Harvard DAILY CRIMSON should have asked for greater evidence before condemning this "august assemblage which thus sets itself up to judge its fellow men." The said assembly counts among its members, fourteen members of Congress, two Cabinet Officers, three or more Judges, and such men as George Bancroft, Henry Adams, Commissioner Loring, and others.

The whole hubbub about "race distinction" no more enters into this question than it does into an enquiry as to the cause of either of these colored gentlemen not being a member of a particular society or club in college.

JOHN S. WEBB, L. S.Cambridge, Jan. 28th.