Fact and Rumor.

R. H. Gushee, '87 has gone South for his health.

Pictures of the '88 eleven may be had at Pach's. They have been ready for some time.

Among the students pursuing the course of instruction in Military Science at Cornell, is one lady.

Attention is called to the meeting of the Co-operative Society in Sever 11, at 7 P. M. to day.

Dr. F. W. Taussig has a work in press on the history of the present tariff.

Unless the $600.00 are received by the Co-operative before to night, the society MUST CLOSE.

It is said that the members of the Shooting Club will dine together soon after the close of the midyears.

Attention is called to the item in the calendar warning men to step up and be assessed to save the Co-operative.

It is almost to be regretted that our open winters fail to give an opportunity for the formation of a snowshoe club.

To-day we enter upon the homestretch of the mid-year race : let it be hoped that nobody will be found distanced.

Several men are practicing starting in the cage, with Mr. Lathrop. Among them are Baker, and Bradley, '86, Holden, and Davidson, '88.

Prof. W. W. Goodwin has a letter in the current Nation Criticising some remarks of Prof. Youmans on the Republic of Plato.

In justice to the gentlemen concerned, it would be said that the first name in the list of Advocate editors published Saturday, should have been H. W. Keyes, instead of Hayes.

It is surprising that at this time anybody should be so inconsiderate as to remove from the library the set of examination papers on the modern languages. "Remove" is almost too mild a word to use in this case.

The suggestion has been made that the Canoe Club should awake from its winter's sleep and go into ice yachting. Fresh Pond affords ample room for this sport, and a regatta upon it would prove an exciting event.

In our article of Saturday last on the Institute of Technology, no mention was made of one of the most prominent features of student life, namely, the "Tech." This journal is in every way worthy of the college it represents, and ranks among the best of American college papers.

Those students who are not at present members of the Co-operative Society, but wish to show their appreciation for the good it has done in the last four years, can do so in a substantial manner by joining the society to-day. Mr. Waterman will issue conditional membership tickets to all those who wish, and will return the entrance fees if the society is obliged to close up its business.

I have made arrangements with the celebrated firm of Morton Bros. of Troy, N. Y. to do my laundry work. Their laundry is acknowledged to be the finest in the United States, if not in the world. J. F. NOERA, sole agent of the Original Troy Laundry, 436 and 438 Harvard St.