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We are very glad to learn, through a communication which we publish this morning, that a defence can be made for the action of the Washington Harvard Club in excluding two colored applicants for membership. The papers of the country reported that three applicants were blackballed on account of their color. As no denial of this report was made by the club, or any member of the club, we naturally supposed the report to be true, and accordingly commented upon the action, which, it seemed to us, was inexpedient and unjust. We are now informed, however, that the persons in question were excluded, not because of their color, but for other reasons. What these reasons are, we are left in the dark to imagine ; but, of course, with them we are not concerned.

The writer, having established his point, goes on with pardonable pride and recounts at great length the eminent men connected with the august assembly to which he himself belongs. This will undoubtedly be very interesting reading for our subscribers, but we confess that we fail to see exactly what bearing this list of notables has upon the subject under discussion. We do not think the facts affect the position of the CRIMSON. We attempted to show that to exclude Negroes, simply because they were Negroes, was manifestly unfair, and could not react with good effect upon Harvard, and this point we still maintain.

We disclaim any intention of doing injustice to anyone, and are happy to take this opportunity of placing the Washington Harvard Club in its true position before the college.