A Camera in the Dining Hall.

The dining hall in Memorial was photographed yesterday during the lunch hour. Those who entered after one o'clock, found at their places polite requests from Mr. A. Z. Bowen to be as " quiet as possible " at the ringing of the gong. When the gong rang, in spite of the very large number of men in the hall, it became so very quiet that one could have heard a pin drop. Two pictures were taken at the first gong, one being taken by Mr. A. S. Johnson, '85, president of the Harvard Society of Amateur Photographers.

The clashing of knives and forks that followed the taking of these pictures was a strong argument in favor of the lunches; or else the twenty seconds of restraint and cessation from labor were almost too much for hunger and human nature.

Pictures were taken at four different times, and we think the steward showed himself very inconsiderate in not keeping the hall open eighty seconds beyond the usual time. It was noticeable that very few men left the hall before the photographers were done. It was also noticed that those who were in and under the gallery and in the small room adjoining the large hall, were the most quiet and concerned of all. Have they forgotten their freshman physics and the laws of the propagation of light?