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We are sorry to notice that our other esteemed contemporary, the Lampoon, is, like its sister sheet, the Advocate, seriously involved and compelled to make a public appeal for help. Only a little over a year, it was said that the Lampoon was on a very firm basis financially; but this year it has not obtained the support from the college which it deserves. Students cannot hope to see the smiling face of Lampy once in two weeks, unless they are willing to give the editors their financial support. With a thousand under-graduates, and only three college publications, all occupying different spheres of usefulness, there ought not to be any question of the ability of Harvard to support all of them. Yet such is the indifference of many men that our papers are constantly getting into hot water because their subscription lists are so meager. We sincerely hope that the Lampoon will obtain not only the necessary 200, but many more subscriptions within the next fortnight.