The Revival of the Art Club.

The committee appointed at a preliminary meeting to decide upon the feasibility of the reorganization of the Harvard Art Club, called a meeting at the club room last evening which was attended by twenty men. The first business, after the gentlemen had been called to order, was to hear the report of this committee which was made by Mr. F. W. White. This report was favorable to reorganization, and was passed by the meeting and the club thus declared to have a new lease of life. An election of officers ensued and the following men were chosen: President, F. W. White, '85; vicepresident, A. S. Johnson, '85; secretary and treasurer, A. H. Vogel, '86. It was voted to make Professors Norton and Moore and Mr. Marsh of the Fine Arts Department honorary members of the club, and to ask Professor Norton to lecture at the first meeting of the club, which is to be held on Wednesday, March 4. A standing committee was provided for and empowered to draught a constitution and decide upon the programme for each of the club meetings, which will be held once in three weeks. It is expected that the membership will average about forty each year. Any undergraduate interested in art and willing to take an active interest in the society, is a candidate for election. The entrance fee was fixed at $3.00, and the balance of the yearly expenses will be met by an annual assessment on all the members. Eighteen men signed the roll of the club, and the meeting then adjourned.