Note and Comment.

Parisian students created a serious riot at the funeral of Jules Valles, the revolutionist, last Friday. A delegation of German Socialists occupied a place in the funeral procession, bearing a wreath of violets, adorned with a red scarf, and hanging from a long pole. The emblem bore the inscription, " From the German Socialists of Paris." The students, who lined the boulevard, began a commotion with shouts of " Down with the Germans," mingled with the revolutionary cheering; and then a group of long-haired youths made a rush at the Tenton who was carrying the violet wreath. The onset was resisted, but was again renewed, and from that time till the river was reached a running fight was kept up between the Socialists surrounding the trophy and the students. Sticks were flourished, windows were smashed, and several quiet bystanders got stones in the eye, and a dozen heads were broken. At last the students were vanquished and driven off, amid the exulting yells of the revolutionists.