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In our columns we print this morning,- and with deep regret,- the ultimatum of the President and Fellows of the University in regard to the petition for voluntary prayer. Signed by an overwhelming majority of the undergraduates, endorsed by many of the prominent alumni of the college, and strongly approved by the leading journals of the country, we felt justly confident that this petition would produce the desired effect. But the authorities by whom Harvard is governed are not troubled by that vice of small minds-consistency. While making the most sweeping changes in their frantic haste to reach the state of "an ideal university," they do not hesitate to go to the other extreme, and retain the one relic of by-gone college discipline which, above all others, marks the primitive stage in the evolution of Harvard toward the desired end. Bachelors of Arts need no longer know Greek, but they are still obliged to be present at prayers 576 times, in order to obtain the coveted degree. Is the university, after all, moving forward?