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The lecture delivered by John B. Gough, day before yesterday, and the other lectures that we understand are to come under the same auspices, give evidence that the H. T. A. L. is still alive and-, more than that,- prosperous. We are, however, glad to see the society, which has such good purposes, so progressive and enterprising; but we think that a mistake is made in not having these lectures in Sanders Theatre. Mr. Gough could have packed Sever 11 three or four times over, last Tuesday evening. If the lecture had been more widely advertised, the crowd must have been unmanageable.

Now we understand that such men as Prof. Emerson of the Munroe School of Oratory, Governor Robinson, and others as prominent as they, are soon to lecture here, under the auspices of the Total Abstinence League. We would therefore recommend that these coming lectures be held in Sanders, which we have no doubt would be filled, if only a moderate amount of advertisement be undertaken. We hope the society will consider this suggestion.