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We would call attention to the communication upon another page relative to a systematized collection of newspaper clippings. The advantages of such a collection are obvious. Take, for instance, one of the topics suggested, the Negro Scare; the facts concerning it are to be found nowhere else than in the newspapers, and a collection upon that topic would be invaluable to the future historian. The same is true of reports of socialist meetings, trades-unions, co-operative societies, etc.; also of another and important class of facts,- those relating to monopolies. And even if these facts in this form were not of great permanent value, the advantage to be gained from having them collated and thus brought forcibly to our notice at present, would certainly justify the adoption of the proposed plan. There are hundreds of students pursuing courses in political economy, constitutional history and law, to whom the collection would be of great interest and value.

We hope the students will consider this matter carefully, and express their opinions freely, so that, if it is desired, we may soon see the plan put into operation.